App helps make more networking connections

We’ve all been there. You’re chatting with acquaintances at a networking event and you notice the one person you really needed to talk to about a business proposition is putting on her coat and walking out. You’ve missed that perfect opportunity. Now there’s an app for that. “We initially launched the app earlier in the…… Continue reading App helps make more networking connections

How Do I Keep Networking During COVID-19?

We Need To Adapt

I have found that my professional life has been turned upside down by the Coronavirus pandemic.  My regular face-to-face business networking events have been cancelled and I even avoid one-on-one meetings as well (all the coffee shops seem closed anyway). I am determined to do my part in slowing down the spread of this virus.

Is Traditional Business Networking Dead?

When we posed the question to business professionals who attended our business networking events: what is your biggest complaint when it comes to networking? Surprisingly, many had the same answer: traditional business networking is DEAD. Many have attended hundreds of networking events over the years and at the conclusion of the meetings the overall thought was often: “well, that…… Continue reading Is Traditional Business Networking Dead?